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A letter from our



For the last 100+ years we've been making design moves in our lives that are actually infringing on our ability to fully live them.


Good day to you,


I am deeply grateful for your support of Light Vitality Group and the mission we hold near and dear to our hearts. The building of LVG is a story of love, life and trials. From my earliest exposure to pharmaceutical operations in my parent's careers, to battling a host of symptoms of autoimmune disorders caused by ingesting a contagion at a very young age, to correcting my mental health after a series of unfortunate events, unique methodologies of wellness and personal care taking have been at the forefront of my life for as long as I can remember - and then I found light.


Not just any light, but a light that provides our body a MEANS to perform and balance itself out the way it was always naturally designed and intended to. A light that gives us the opportunity to shape and mold our well-being as our lives are shaped and reformed over time. A light that offers wellness at our foundation and our core. Light wellness became the most valuable asset in my toolkit of personal and familial care taking. When properly understood and executed, light wellness has the capacity to support recovery goals of some of the toughest health conditions to date - diabetes, Alzheimer's, heart disease, obesity, sleeping disorders, physical injuries and even autoimmune disorders. I am a testimony to this, as are so many others. 

This is why I do what I do. This is where my passion stems from. This was the drive behind LVG.

I know all of you have at some point or another read an article about "how good daylight is for you" and they run through a host of reasons which were discoveries made at some point in time. But I guarantee you haven't heard it like this! At LVG our main goal is to educate community and trade members alike on the many benefits of sleep and circadian health, their foundational role in what we recognize as our primary Pillars of Health, and how to achieve getting the right kind of light at the right time of day in order to give our bodies and those Pillars a means to perform at our mental, emotional and physical peaks.


Light wellness is not a fad, nor a hoax. Light cannot change our behaviors or thoughts. It cannot influence us to do something we would not have done otherwise. And unfortunately, over the last few decades there wasn't enough quality, interpolated data created from the science available to us to send out an accurate and positive marketing message about light wellness - UNTIL NOW! 


Our methods provide you with opportunities to understand light wellness and its application in ways that are familiar and relatable to the most critical component to the circadian recipe - YOU - the individuals who use them! By creating a series of customized, educational tools infused with opportunities for personal expression, we hope to give you a means to take back charge of improving your quality of life in ways you never knew were even possible. 

That said, I hope I get the chance to speak with you in person one day. Until then, take good care, rest well, and live lighthearted! 

Your right to light advocate,
Regina Lausell


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