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Futbol World Cup 2022: The Teams, The Stars, The Venues, The Schedule

Futbol World Cup 2022: Everything You Need to Know

The Futbol World Cup is the biggest and most prestigious event in the world of sports. It is a celebration of passion, talent, diversity, and unity. Every four years, millions of fans from all over the globe tune in to watch their favorite teams compete for glory and honor. The next edition of this spectacular tournament will be held in Qatar, a small but rich country in the Middle East, from November 20 to December 18, 2022. It will be the first World Cup to be held in the Arab world, and the second in Asia after South Korea and Japan in 2002. It will also be the first World Cup to be held in winter, due to the hot climate of Qatar in summer.

futbol world cup 2022


If you are a futbol fan, or just curious about this amazing event, you might have many questions about it. How many teams will participate and how were they selected? Which teams are in each group and what are their chances of advancing? What are the dates and times of the matches and where can I watch them? How many stadiums will host the matches and what are their features? How can I get tickets and travel to Qatar? What are the best places to stay and visit in Qatar during the World Cup?

In this article, we will answer all these questions and more. We will give you a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about the Futbol World Cup 2022. We will cover the teams and groups, the schedule and fixtures, the stadiums and venues, the tickets and travel, and much more. By reading this article, you will be well-informed and prepared to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, let's get started!

Teams and Groups

The Futbol World Cup is a competition between national teams that represent their countries. Each team consists of 26 players, including three goalkeepers. The teams must submit their final squads to FIFA by November 14, 2022.

To qualify for the World Cup, each team must go through a qualification process that varies depending on their continental confederation. There are five confederations: Africa (CAF), Asia (AFC), Europe (UEFA), North and Central America (CONCACAF), South America (CONMEBOL), and Oceania (OFC). Each confederation has its own format and criteria for selecting its representatives.

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For the 2022 edition, there are 32 teams that qualified for the World Cup. Qatar automatically qualified as the host country, while the other 31 teams earned their spots through their confederations. The distribution of slots per confederation is as follows:

  • Africa (CAF): 5 teams

  • Asia (AFC): 4 or 5 teams

  • Europe (UEFA): 13 teams

  • North and Central America (CONCACAF): 3 or 4 teams

  • South America (CONMEBOL): 4 or 5 teams

  • Oceania (OFC): 0 or 1 team

The reason why some confederations have a range of slots is because there are two intercontinental play-offs that will determine the final two spots. The play-offs will involve four teams from four different confederations: AFC, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, and OFC. The draw for the play-offs will take place on April 1, 2022, and the matches will be played on June 13 and 14, 2022.

Once the 32 teams are confirmed, they will be divided into eight groups of four teams each. The draw for the group stage will take place on April 27, 2022, at the Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, Qatar. The draw will follow a seeding system based on the FIFA World Ranking as of April 2022. The host country Qatar will be automatically placed in Group A as the top seed. The other seven top seeds will be placed in Groups B to H. The remaining 24 teams will be drawn from three pots according to their ranking and geographical criteria.

The groups for the World Cup 2022 are as follows:

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Group E

Group F

Group G

Group H

Qatar (Host)


France (UEFA)

Belgium (UEFA)

Spain (UEFA)

Argentina (CONMEBOL)

Germany (UEFA)

Italy (UEFA)

Australia (AFC)


Nigeria (CAF)

Croatia (UEFA)

Colombia (CONMEBOL)

England (UEFA)

Egypt (CAF)

Portugal (UEFA)

Iran (AFC)

Switzerland (UEFA)

Demark (UEFA)

Saudi Arabia (AFC)

Ghana (CAF)

Korea Republic (AFC)

Netherlands (UEFA)

Morocco (CAF)

New Zealand (OFC/AFC play-off winner)

Cameroon (CAF)Costa Rica (CONCACAF)Russia (UEFA)Jamaica (CONCACAF/CONMEBOL play-off winner)Japan (AFC)


The group stage will start on November 20, 2022, and end on December 12, 2022. Each team will play three matches against the other teams in their group. The top two teams from each group will advance to the round of 16, while the bottom two teams will be eliminated.

The round of 16 will start on December 14, 2022, and end on December 17, 2022. It will feature eight matches between the winners and runners-up of each group. The winners of these matches will advance to the quarter-finals, while the losers will be eliminated.

The quarter-finals will start on December 19, 2022, and end on December 20, 2022. It will feature four matches between the winners of the round of 16. The winners of these matches will advance to the semi-finals, while the losers will be eliminated.

The semi-finals will start on December 22, 2022, and end on December 23, 2022. It will feature two matches between the winners of the quarter-finals. The winners of these matches will advance to the final, while the losers will play for the third place.

The third place match will take place on December 26, 2022. It will feature the two teams that lost in the semi-finals. The winner of this match will finish third in the tournament, while the loser will finish fourth.

The final will take place on December 18, 2022. It will feature the two teams that won in the semi-finals. The winner of this match will be crowned as the champion of the World Cup, while the loser will finish second.

Schedule and Fixtures

The Futbol World Cup 2022 will feature a total of 64 matches, including 48 in the group stage, 8 in the round of 16, 4 in the quarter-finals, 2 in the semi-finals, 1 in the third place match, and 1 in the final. The matches will be played in six different time slots: 10:00, 13:00, 16:00, 19:00, 22:00, and 01:00 (local time). The opening match will be played at 13:00 on November 20, 2022, while the final will be played at 18:00 on December 18, 2022.

The matches will be broadcasted live by various media outlets around the world. The official broadcaster of the World Cup is FIFA TV, which will provide live coverage and highlights of all the matches on its website and mobile app. FIFA TV will also offer a range of additional content, such as interviews, documentaries, behind-the-scenes footage, and interactive features. Other broadcasters that have secured the rights to air the World Cup include BBC and ITV (United Kingdom), ARD and ZDF (Germany), TF1 and M6 (France), RAI and Mediaset (Italy), Globo and Band (Brazil), Telemundo and Univision (USA), Sony Pictures Networks (India), beIN Sports (Middle East and North Africa), and many more.

The matches will also be available to watch online through various streaming platforms, such as YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, FuboTV, Peacock Premium, Paramount Plus, ESPN Plus, DAZN, Fanatiz, and many more. However, some of these platforms may require a subscription fee or a VPN service to access them.

The most anticipated matches and rivalries of the World Cup include:

Qatar vs Au


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