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Educational Leadership And Administration Educa...

This online master's degree program is designed to enhance your expertise in educational governance, finance, law, leadership, and strategic planning. The program will give you the skills you need to manage a modern educational institution, including overseeing teachers, developing and implementing curriculum standards, and improving how your staff helps students achieve established academic goals. You'll also learn about school administration, how to manage educational budgets, ensure proper security, and better interact with parents, the public, and district administrators.

Educational Leadership and Administration Educa...

A master's degree in educational leadership is a graduate program that prepares you for certification as a school principal or administrator. It gives you important skills and credentials to understand how to run the school in an efficient way.

Typical master's of educational leadership programs take 2 years to complete, but at some schools you may be able to accelerate and finish faster. For example, most WGU educational leadership students finish in just 18 months or less.

Educational leadership is a joint effort utilizing the talents and expertise of educators, students, policy makers and the public at large to enhance public K-12 educational quality and systems. These enhancements are typically executed through improvements to training regiments, pedagogy, epistemology, and developmental psychology. A degree in educational leadership will focus on helping current teachers advance their knowledge and skills, giving them greater opportunities to influence policy and move into education careers that impact the future of learning.

There are many qualities that an educational leader should exhibit. Qualities such as positivity, honesty, deep reflection, authenticity, integrity, passion, inclusivity, and a strong focus on community building and collaboration on educational issues are key to being a transformational educational leader. In an educational leadership degree program, you will focus on developing and honing these skills.

Educational management is one of a trilogy of overlapping concepts, along with educational administration and educational leadership. These three concepts are related but nonetheless possess definitional differences depending on where the terms are applied.

This three-day course is structured to maximize learning and interaction with the faculty while providing a variety of educational experiences. Participants will be encouraged to present the faculty with their leadership challenges to help ensure the course addresses the specific learning needs of the attendees. The content areas will include: 041b061a72


Light wellness is not a fad, nor a hoax. Light cannot change...


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