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Numerical Methods And Optimization: An Introduction (Chapman Amp; Hall CRC Numerical Analysis And Scientific Computing Series) Books Pdf File

Numerical Methods and Optimization: An Introduction - A Book Review

Numerical methods and optimization are two important topics in applied mathematics and engineering. They are essential for solving many practical problems that involve large-scale computations, data analysis, modeling, simulation, and decision making. However, learning these topics can be challenging for students who do not have a solid background in mathematics and computer science. That is why a book like Numerical Methods and Optimization: An Introduction by Sergiy Butenko and Panos M. Pardalos is a valuable resource for students and instructors alike.


This book combines the materials from introductory numerical methods and introductory optimization courses into a single text. It covers the basic concepts, algorithms, and applications of numerical methods and optimization in a rigorous yet accessible manner. It also provides some mathematical proofs as samples of rigorous analysis, but mostly uses examples to illustrate the concepts. The book assumes minimal prior knowledge of the topics and can be used with any software package. The book also includes a MATLAB guide and code available for download.

Book Structure

The book is divided into three parts:

  • The first part introduces the necessary mathematical background, the digital representation of numbers, and different types of errors associated with numerical methods.

  • The second part explains how to solve typical problems using numerical methods, such as linear algebra, equations, interpolation, integration, and differential equations.

  • The third part presents the basic theory and algorithms for linear and nonlinear optimization, including complexity issues, linear programming, duality and sensitivity analysis, unconstrained and constrained optimization.

Each chapter contains a summary, exercises, references, and MATLAB code snippets. The book also has an appendix with a MATLAB guide and a glossary of terms.

Book Highlights

Some of the highlights of the book are:

  • It provides a comprehensive overview of numerical methods and optimization in a single text.

  • It explains the concepts in a clear and concise way, with many examples and figures.

  • It balances the theoretical and practical aspects of the topics, with some proofs and applications.

  • It uses MATLAB as a tool for implementing and testing the algorithms.

  • It is suitable for students in industrial and systems engineering, operations research, computer science, mathematics, and other related fields.

Book Availability

The book is published by Chapman & Hall/CRC Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing Series. It is available in both hardcover and ebook formats. The ebook can be accessed online or downloaded as a PDF file. The book can be purchased from various online platforms, such as [Routledge], [Taylor & Francis], or [Google Books].


Numerical Methods and Optimization: An Introduction is a well-written and comprehensive book that covers the essential topics in numerical methods and optimization. It is suitable for students who want to learn these topics at an advanced level, as well as for instructors who want to teach them in an integrated way. The book is also useful for practitioners who want to refresh their knowledge or apply the techniques to their problems. The book is a valuable addition to the literature on numerical methods and optimization.


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