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Anna: Extended Version (2022) Episode 3

On July 8, SPOTV News, a local South Korean news outlet, reported that Coupang Play was gearing up to reveal an extended version of the series. Hours later on the same day, the video streaming site confirmed the plan.

Anna: Extended Version (2022) Episode 3

Meanwhile, the last two episodes of ANNA were released on July 8. News of an extended version certainly comes across as the perfect way to build on the hype for the show, especially during the finale.

The game's engine once again stuttered for me, often badly and at times when it was least welcome (like during the shooting phases). And each time I began the episode fresh, I was hit by a terrible bug that failed to recognize my choices from previous games, prompting the story to start with random consequences chosen for me. There are a variety of user-created resolutions to this common bug in the Telltale forums, but no official fix at time of writing. Additionally, playing the Steam version I was unable to see the end game statistics on other player choices, as the game displayed each choice as placeholder text with equal weighting. Such technical issues can greatly affect the overall enjoyment, particularly with regards to the save issue that undermines the entire draw of an ongoing choice-driven series. 041b061a72


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