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Logan Adams
Logan Adams

[S4E18] Junk In The Trunk

Mike discovers that Sam has been kidnapped. Delinda discovers that she is pregnant. Sam awakes from being drugged, in a trunk, removes the gag, and tries to call for help, but Vince comes in at the last second and he gags her once more as he checks out with her back in the trunk. Danny goes out of his way to help stop a friend from being sent to Iraq, who later sets off a bomb in The Montecito while it is being robbed. Mary, affected by her father's acquittal, decides to take matters in her own hands. Ed and Danny, unbeknownst to each other, come to her rescue.

[S4E18] Junk in the Trunk

Nick and Sara look over Walter's car, which was found in the casino parking lot and brought to the CSI garage. The car is packed full of garbage, leading them to wonder how Walter was able to even drive it. In the trunk, Sara finds a bloody blue shirt and a bloody pair of jeans; she notes that Walter didn't even try to hide the evidence of his crime. The jeans test positive for blood. Amongst the garbage in the car, Nick finds a box full of casino chips and estimates that there's a few thousand dollars worth there. Sara wonders if Walter's crimes weren't about money, as she finds clothing with the original tags still on them. Nick digs deeper into the car and finds a waitress' blouse. The nametag on it indicates that someone named Libby worked at the Roadside Diner. He notices two burn marks on the blouse, as well. Sara wonders what Walter could've done to Libby, given that he was capable of taking on a bunch of armed police officers.

Nick has Archie reconstruct Jane Doe's face via computer using the standard measurements for a Caucasian female around 20 years of age. Meanwhile, back at the motel, Catherine and Warrick take pictures of all the junk in Walter's office including a typewriter, while other forensic team members put everything in a truck to be a hauled away. Catherine finds a hole in the wall that looks like it was made by a fist, while Warrick comes across a box that contains women's scarves and a small baseball cap. Inside the cap, he finds some hairs with tags on them, which he collects as evidence. In the closet, Catherine finds a suitcase that contains women's maternity clothes and a ripped photograph of a man and a pregnant woman. The back of the photograph reads "And baby makes three! Love, Sean." Catherine digs deeper and finds a wallet with a driver's license belonging to a Marissa Cleary. 041b061a72


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