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Auto Tune Evo Presets

Autotune plugin by Antares has 4 different version. Auto-Tune Pro, Autotune EFX 3, UAD Autotune Realtime, and Autotune Live. In this comparison Reid Stefan Realest Puppet In The Game explains the similarities and differences in each version of the autotune plugin. This demonstration uses protools because it is the only software that can run all versions. If you use Ableton 10, Logic, FL Studio 20, or Studio one you can use UAD Realtime and Auto-Tune Pro. EFX and Live are for Pro Tools AAX only.

Auto Tune Evo Presets

This is a very cool and probably one of my favorite auto-tune settings for making some cool and serious rap vocals inside FL Studio. Very easy Fl studio tutorial on mixing and mastering RAP vocals with auto-tune VST plugin by Antares.

If you are an audio recorder, singer, or music producer, chances are you will need multiple tools to tweak, modulate and master vocals and soundtracks. This is to fine tune any audio problems and ensure that the pitch and notes are consistent throughout a song. Auto-Tune Evo VST is an effective tool which allows audio engineers to post-produce music and vocals.

Auto-Tune Pro's Retune Speed knob adjusts how quickly pitch correction is applied to incoming audio. Turning this knob counterclockwise will reduce how aggressively pitch correction is applied. In contrast, turning this knob clockwise towards a value of 0 will increase how aggressively pitch correction is applied.

A Retune Speed around 25 tends to work quite well for most melodic vocals if a natural sound is what you're looking for. Some additional settings will need to be adjusted to complete the natural effect, but we'll take a look at those settings in a moment.

For more of a modern rap/pop/RnB sound, a Retune Speed around 12 will get the job done. You'll clearly hear the effects of pitch correction being applied. At this point, you'll be using pitch correction as a creative effect, as opposed to a corrective tool. A fast Retune Speed will result in the T-pain Auto-Tune sound from the late 2000s that's still popular today.

Artists like 100 Gecs have taken creative pitch effects to the next level. Laura Les, the lead singer of 100 Gecs, has achieved an iconic hyperpop sound via the use of extremely hard-tuned vocals that have been pitched up significantly.

Engaging Auto-Tune Pro's Classic mode will result in a bright tonality, along with a prominent attack and transition between notes at fast Retune Speeds; you can leverage this setting to create extremely robotic vocal effects.

It's worth noting that the Retune Speed and Flex-Tune knobs heavily influence each other. For example, a fast Retune Speed will require a large Flex-Tune value to sound natural. I recommend using a slightly faster Retune Speed than you think you need, and then using the Flex-Tune knob to massage the sound of the effect into place.

The Humanize knob reduces the Retune Speed during long sustained notes. This is useful is you need to use a fast Retune Speed to quantize the pitch of short notes, but don't want sustained notes to sound unnaturally static and robotic.

Auto-Tune Artist and Auto-Tune Pro both come bundled with Auto-Key ($49), which is a plugin that identifies the key of audio that you run through it. You can analyze the key of an instrumental and then use Auto-Key's "Send to Auto-Tune" feature to automatically update the Key and Scale settings within Auto-Tune Access/Artist/Pro.


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