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Light Wellness in NICU

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Axel Gray
Axel Gray

Rigid Audio €? Sore V1.0 (KONTAKT) [PORTABLE]

Comfort affects your listening experience. An uncomfortable pair of headphones can prevent you from feeling fully immersed in your audio and may even cause soreness or pain. A lack of comfort is usually most noticeable over time, so comfort is crucial for those who tend to listen to long audiobooks or their favorite albums for hours without taking their headphones off.

Rigid Audio – Sore v1.0 (KONTAKT)


Overall, our comfort tests evaluate how physically pleasant headphones are while in use. Comfort is most important during longer listening sessions, as uncomfortable headphones may cause soreness and even pain. If you often use your headphones for long periods of time without taking them off, comfort is crucial, as it allows you to remain fully immersed in your audio. We score comfort subjectively by measuring the weight, padding, sensation, tightness, and tension of different headphones. Experiences with comfort vary between individuals, but the highest-scoring headphones in this category are those that really stand out and are found to be unanimously pleasing to use by all our testers.


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