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Potion Explosion Free Download PC Game

At the beginning of the game, each player is given potions to complete with specific effects and ingredients. You will have to select ingredients in the dispenser; once your selected ingredient is removed, the ingredients above will slide down. If two ingredients of the same nature collide, they explode and you get them too! You can then use your ingredients to cook up your potions. You only have a limited tank space to store remaining ingredients from one turn to another, so choose carefully! Once a potion is completed, you score points, get to use its powerful effect and pick another potion to craft. The wizard with the most points wins!

Potion Explosion Free Download PC Game

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In our browser game even the gamers, playing without being registered, can use skins limitlessly for free. To get the opportunity of changing three-colored skin for pet to cuter and funnier variant, we kindly ask you to share game with your friends. There are more than 30 different outfits for worms.

Do you spend great time playing? Have you managed to get the record score? Share your results with your buddies at social networks. After finishing the game you can click Share button for Facebook, Twitter, or VK, or just go on playing the game for free.

Exploding Kittens is a multiplayer card game and is among the best board games for Android. Players can play with 2 to 5 players in the same room with their phones, or they can play online with people from all over the world. Gamers will discover kittens, laser beams, goats, explosions, and many more interesting things with Exploding Kittens.

Potion Explosion which offers an award-winning puzzle game experience is one of the best board games for Android. Players can play in Potion Explosion online, local pass-and-play, and solo modes. Players will try to become the best magician by making the most powerful and correct potions. The game which comes with a fascinating, impressive, and beautiful universe offers a tactical gameplay experience open to different strategies.

The Game of Life 2 is a classic board game that helps you have fun with your friends and family. The game is ad-free and stands out among the best board games for Android. Players can choose and live the lifestyle they want in The Game of Life 2, such as neurosurgeons and pop stars. The game has single-player and online multiplayer modes. Players will customize their characters and chart their life paths in The Game of Life 2.

Oceans is a game that stands out among the best board games for Android that offers a vast underwater experience. Players will get access to Oceans, Reef, and 20 deep card games completely free. The game includes 87 Deep Cards, 21 Scenarios, and multiple fixed AI components, and players will experience a unique strategy game with Oceans.

Whether you're a long-time fan of the game, a Potion Explosion newbie or you haven't played the game yet (you can download it here!), these Potion Explosion hacks will make you a wiz in no time.

3. You don't get to pick the first two potions you'll be creating in the game, so complete them as quickly as possible. Turning them into usable potions early on will let you maximize use of their powers immediately and get the game off to a strong start.

Potion Craft is a relaxing alchemist simulator game. Sit back, put your feet up, and craft away! Gather ingredients from far and wide, and use them in your all-important potion recipes. Save up your money to purchase rare and expensive ingredients from a merchant, and utilise the materials to make a profit.

Here we are: Nintendo's very first full game released on Android. I doubt many people were expecting the somewhat niche Fire Emblem series to get the first nod, but fans of the fantasy tactics game couldn't be happier. In Fire Emblem Heroes, players summon characters from the various console and handheld games to their army for turn-based grid combat. The story is a little weak - as with all of these "character collection" games - and the free-to-play mechanic with $75 in-app purchases can get old fast.

Xenoraid is a top-down shoot-em-up at its core, but a few of the myriad elements in the game put some new spins on this decades-old genre. The landscape is one, which focuses on a holistic look at the battlefield instead of a narrow passageway to blast through. There's also a unique method for switching ships mid-battle. Graphics are simple but effective, and things get enjoyably hectic as fleets of enemy ships fill the screen. Xenoraid is free with a one-time $10 IAP (half off at $5 right now!) to unlock the full game and get rid of ads.

Tankout is an interesting arena combat game that mixes Pac-Man with a top-down shooter. Players can control their tanks in massive 2D online battles, building up barriers to make tiny fortresses for strategic advantages. The super-simple graphics might not be to everyone's liking, but the setup enables lightning-fast multiplayer battles with up to ten combatants. It's free with IAP that goes up to just $5.

Evil Factory is a top-down shooter that absolutely basks in its retro aesthetic. And to be fair, it does have some downright gorgeous pixel art - much more artistic than the usual "retro" graphics we seem to get on mobile. Players are tasked with saving the world from standard supervillains in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek take on action games from the 80s and 90s, complete with a variety of weapons and upgrades. Unfortunately it's a free-to-play game, complete with requisite $100 in-app purchases.

One Piece is a massively popular manga and anime that I know nothing about, aside from the fact that the main dude is stretchy. Luckily, Thousand Storm is another one of those character collection games, so it's not as if you need to have seen 700 episodes to get the gist. This one has basic combat tuned for one-handed gameplay, as characters automatically attack and players only activate special attacks. As usual with these anime games, it's free with in-app purchases going up to $45.

Potion ExplosionThis Tetris-style falling block game might seem familiar, but it's actually based on a niche board game. The point is to combine the ingredients in very specific ways to make power-up potions, allowing for even more clearing action. The digital version of the game includes standard single-player and online multiplayer via leaderboards. The game is $5 with no IAP, which is par for the course for adapted board games.

Save DashDespite the isometric perspective and appealing graphics, Save Dash is in fact a one-lane runner. It also takes a perverse delight in dismembering the cutesy player character in gruesome Tarantino fashion, so consider yourself warned. The visuals and one-button gameplay should be enough to tide most players over, but there's nothing here we haven't seen before. The game is free with IAP that tops out at $2.50.

Tentis PuzzleTentis Puzzle shares a lot of elements with games like Threes. But in contrast to the endlessly-iterated sliding number puzzle, this one is a little less random and a little more directional, as players can combine multiple tiles at once that needn't be adjacent to one another. It's sort of like a long chain jump in Checkers, only with extra math. It's free, with ads and in-app purchases that don't exceed $9.

BREAKFINITYBreakfinity takes the basic concept of Breakout and adds a tiny bit of scrolling, making the brick-breaking stages infinite. The premise is simple, but fans of the original game should be thrilled with the never-ending setup broken up with periodic boss battles. The game is free with IAP that goes up to $10.

Dead And AgainDead And Again is a twitchy little combat game that's all about perfect timing. Zombies come from both directions in constant waves, and players must perfectly time strikes to either the left or the right to avoid damage. Different types of weapons and a variety of background stages can be unlocked. The game is in "unreleased" beta at the moment, but it's free with no IAP.

Drifting School BusThis endless runner (driver, whatever) shows a shocking disregard for the safety of both auto riders and pedestrians. But who cares, it shows a big school bus drifting down the street like some exotic import car. The one-side-or-the-other gameplay is pretty standard, but the simple 3D graphics are hilarious, especially as the driver does donuts to drop kids off. The game is free with ads and in-app purchases up to $3.

Diagonal HellThis kind of tap-and-release twitch game isn't exactly unprecedented, and neither are the silhouette visuals. That said, the breakneck pace and quick reset in Diagonal Hell do appeal to fans of this very specific style: tap to go one way, release to go the other, try not to die. It's also free with no in-app purchases, which is always a plus.

I Love HueGraphic designers will love this gradient puzzle game. The point is to rearrange the tiles into a perfect gradient map. It's sort of a switching puzzle (no sliding) built just for those with perfect color/spatial awareness. Other modes are unlocked as players progress. (Side note: sorry, this one's going to be more or less impossible for those with colorblindness and similar problems.) I Love Hue is free with $15 in-app purchases.

Ninja Spinki Challenges!!This cute collection of minigames pits a "ninja" against various opponents. Different games have different mechanics, though they're all simple taps or swipes, in the vein of collections like Wario Ware. There's nothing particularly vexing about any of it, just a bunch of cute designs and twitchy reactions. The game is free, with advertising but no in-app purchases at the moment.


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