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Light Wellness in NICU

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Logan Adams
Logan Adams

The Black Eyed Peas - Hey Mama (Radio Version) __FULL__

The music video features 3 main locations, the first shown being a psychedelic limbo, where the BEP does breakdancing and the main verse of the song is sung. (Hey Mama, this that beat that make you move, mama). The color scheme is mostly yellow, red, brown and off-white. The second is the vertically-black-and-white striped canvas-room. A few parts are sung in here, but the main one is the one featuring Fergie. The third one is the club dance scene, which has lots of background characters dancing. The music video features the edited version of the song. ("We drop bombs like we in the middle east" has been replaced by "We drop bombs cuz we shake it to the beat", and the words "tits" is replaced with a short female moan. "This the shit that make you move." is replaced with "This the beat that make you move". "No need to carry nine millimeter clips, dont wanna squeeze trigger, just wanna squeeze tits" is replaced with "I dont discriminate, I please chicks. Asian, Caucasian, black, I squeeze (moan)" ) and the word "niggas" is replaced with "people".

The Black Eyed Peas - Hey Mama (Radio Version)



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