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Movie night is a great way to spend quality time with your family. But if you have kids at home, finding family-friendly movies to watch is sometimes easier said than done. With these fun black family movies, your entire family will have a blast!

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Netflix is one of the best places to find great movies for movie night. And there are tons of amazing family movies starring black characters on this popular streaming platform. Try watching one of these kid-friendly Netflix movies for your next movie night.

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Product Promise: Cleans and nourishes hair while bringing a fresh, delicious scent. Formulated with Flaxseed and Avocado Oils to help soothe and calm skin irritations. Rich in antioxidants from blueberries and Vitamins A, B & C to help to nourish the hair. Contains no silicone, no sulfates, no parabens, no phthalates, no mineral oil or petrolatum.

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From stories about self-discovery, courage, and self-love to incredible memoirs and biographies, we have put together thirty books by black children's authors and illustrators to add to your classroom library.

L.A. Amber has written 50 amazing stories about black people who changed the world in American History. These bedtime stories will leave readers feeling inspired and hopeful to accomplish their dreams and change the world.

The 1916 Project: Born on the Water is an incredible count of the black resistance group in the United States fighting against slavery. Not only is this story about slavery, but it reminds children of the power of perseverance and hope.

Adrea Theodore uses her memories of being the only black child in her all-white elementary school for the basis of this story. She takes her memories and turns them into bright, hopeful messages for readers to change their perspective of themselves and focus on their strengths and the beauty of everyday things.

Dear Black Boy by Martellus Bennet is a heartfelt message to all young black children who rely on sports. It reminds them that they are more than just athletes; they inspire people worldwide with their commitment, courage, determination, and passion.

Fat Daddy's Soul Kitchen is written by the American author Karl Gritton. As you read this story, readers will be taken on a trip back into black History, where they learn about the origins of soul food.

In Oge Mora's Thank You Omu, children are taken through the neighborhood as Omu shares her delicious soup with the community. Yet, she gives it to everyone but herself! Mora's brilliant illustrations and excellent story reflect the theme of sharing and community and spreading love.

As you look around the site and enjoy the many great things the OnlyFans platform has to offer, you are sure to notice the vast number of ebony, black and African American women who are making their home, and in some cases their fortunes, online. From barely legal ebony teens to older MILFs who are proving every day that age is nothing but a number, these amazing contributors are making waves, and pleasing eager eyeballs, with every new selfie they take and every new video they post.

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Now that you have seen our choices for the top ebony OnlyFans accounts, we invite you to check out the hot hot content for yourself. Whether you agree with all our choices or have some suggestions of your own, you are sure to have a great time as you explore all the amazing things these ebony ladies and black content creators have to offer.

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This tufted indoor area rug showcases an array of colorful video game controllers for the little gamer in your life. It's power-loomed from polyester, so it stands up to regular use, and it features blue, orange, and green hues against a black background. This rug has a medium 0.41" pile height, making it ideal for softening the floors in your child's bedroom or playroom while staying easy to clean. Best of all, this rug is stain-resistant and fade-resistant, allowing it to stand up to the occasional spill and splash. This rug features a non-slip backing to help it stay securely in place.

This area rug transforms your child's room into a friendly Jurassic Park with dinosaur buddies. It features a field of delicious plants with some stegosaurus, triceratops, brachiosaurus, and more. This rug's pile height makes it just right for a cushion underneath busy feet. Best of all, this rug holds up to regular use. We recommend pairing it with a rug pad to keep it in place (sold separately).

Rincón Mexicano is a friendly upscale Mexican place with the most delicious nachos. The nachos rincón promise homemade chips served on a bed of pureed black beans. How delicious does that sound? You can add steak, chicken, or shrimp for extra. Another fun aspect of this restaurant is the range of Mexican sodas that they have, from a Mexican coke to more than 10 flavors of Jarritos. 4160 Broadway,

You can prevent heart disease by incorporating more physical activity and the right foods into your daily diet. These foods benefit your heart by lowering bad cholesterol (LDL), clearing artery plaque, and decreasing inflammation. Here are 10 delicious foods great for your heart.

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