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Sleep and Circadian Health

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[S1E13] Ski Trip

  • Old Shame: Staff writer Maurice Hurley said this episode was, "Terrible. Just terrible. One of the ones you'd just as soon erase".

  • Gates McFadden described it as "one of the most sexist episodes we ever had".

  • Producer Herbert Wright felt that the "sexual places it was dragged to were absurd".

  • Wag the Director: Patrick Stewart sought to have the episode changed to remove the sexist elements.

  • Wil Wheaton recalled that there were conflicts between the cast and the director, but he didn't know what they were about as he only worked for one day of the shoot.

  • What Could Have Been: In Patrick Barry's original story, Beata was named Victoria and she imprisoned Riker after he directly addressed her and then touched her hand. Tasha Yar stunned Riker to prevent him being killed and then took over command of the away team. In this version Captain Picard was the only person aboard the Enterprise-D who was affected by the virus. The male slaves started a revolution, led by Lucas Jones who was killed.

  • The final draft script, which was submitted seven days before shooting began, is slightly different from the final episode: Wesley Crusher had two friends who accompany him to his ski trip on the holodeck, which was to the Swiss Alps instead of the Denubian Alps.

  • In this script version no Romulan was mentioned being a threat. The heading for the Enterprise-D was the Avastam Triangle where a Federation outpost was surrounded by seven Ferengi battle cruisers.

  • Following their first visit on the planet's surface, the away team was invited to an evening meal. This was also the time Riker and Troi delivered their gift, the Albeni meditation crystal.

  • During the evening meal, Data sat next to Mistress Di who would later bring him to a separate room and a terminal where he could study the history of Angel I. She also tried to seduce him and kissed him.

  • Ramsey and fellow survivors were not hiding in this version. There was only one survivor, Ramsey, and he was a prisoner of Beata. A guard brought him into the evening meal, restrained, at the order of Beata. Ramsey tried to knock one of the guards down and was himself knocked to the ground. When Tasha scanned him with a tricorder she tried to calm him down and told him that they'd bring him home but Ramsey responded that this is his home.

  • Wesley and his two friends were treated in sickbay because of their viral infection. Wesley compared the infection to a Romulan thumping cough. The students got this virus from a real trip to Quazulu VIII and not from the holographic recreation on the holodeck.

  • During the away team mission there were several conversations between Troi and Riker with harsh words. Troi named the attraction between Beata and Riker and Riker had a problem accepting Troi as the commanding officer of the away team.

  • Dr. Crusher relieved La Forge from duty when he became ill. She took command of the Enterprise-D and did her research from the conn station.

  • Ramsey escaped from his prison before he could be transported to the Enterprise-D. When Troi decided to beam back to the ship and head for the Avastam Triangle and come back later, Beata and two guards disarmed the away team and held them prisoners. They got their gear back when Ramsey was imprisoned again. But Dr. Crusher declined to beam the away team back because of the virus; only Data was beamed aboard. The rest of the away team was again held prisoner.

  • Mistress Ariel, who previously helped Ramsey to escape, brought a communicator to the away team. When the away team prepared to beam aboard, including Ramsey, Ariel told them that she was expecting Ramsey's child. After a discussion about the Prime Directive, the away team assisted Ariel and Ramsey in their escape and then paid a visit to Beata who got furious and threw the Albeni meditation crystal at the away team but failed because Troi, Tasha, and Riker already beamed back aboard the Enterprise-D.

[S1E13] Ski Trip



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