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Sleep and Circadian Health

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美冬(みふゆ)は、「白い恋人」に続くお菓子として、「北海道の美しい冬の風景」を表現しました。 雪が積もった木々と晴れた青空、そしてやさしく降り出す雪。 美冬(みふゆ)はサクッとしたパイをまろやかなチョコレートでコーティングしたミルフィーユ菓子です。 ブルーべリー、キャラメル、マロンの3種類があり、コーティング みふゆ. カタカナ表記. ミフユ. ローマ字表記. Mifuyu. みふゆ の最初の音は「み」で、ま行で始まる音は、ママ、まるいなどやさしさや包容力を感じさせる意味が多く、「 おだや

Login Explore more products Add products Close.Add to wishlist.Choose your wishlist to be added Create New wishlist Save.My Wishlist Save.SHARE WISHLIST.Or Share Via.Are you sure you want to delete this wishlist? フレンチレストランの看板娘 みゆ 24歳 デカ尻 痴女 ユーザー 乱交.ニコライ in: Female , Spin-offs , Anime , and 6 more Character Characters in Magia Record Deceased Magia Record TV series Magical Girls.Mifuyu Azusa.View history Talk 0.Magical Girl Outfit.Categories : Female Spin-offs Anime Character Characters in Magia Record Deceased Magia Record TV series Magical Girls.Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.Fan Feed 1 Madoka Kaname 2 Homura Akemi 3 Mami Tomoe.Universal Conquest Wiki.Follow on IG TikTok Join Fan Lab. Yes Cancel.Wishlist management page This page allows you to manage and add wishlist items directly to the cart.Share your public wishlist on social media, through links, and via custom email.You can subscribe to get update about your wishlist items.You have been unsubscribed You will no longer receive emails about wishlist activities from this Reviews.Let customers speak for us.Write a review. is one of the characters for Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story.She is a young woman who has known Yachiyo for years.Mifuyu is considered "sisterly" by other magical girls.This may come from her status as a veteran.She claims to struggle with chores and enjoys having others take care of her.After previous events, Mifuyu notices her powers slowly weakening.This eventually results in her despairing and releasing her doppel for the first time.Afterwards, she joins the Magius.In this role, Mifuyu recruits and guides the black and white feathers.She may also protect them when necessary.This is mainly evidenced by Suzune's side story.Despite her guilt, she stays with the Magius for this responsibility and hopes to save herself and Yachiyo.Mifuyu is a petite young woman with white bobbed hair.Said hair features a few tufts that resemble cat ears.Her eyes are teal.She is also the same height and age as Yachiyo.Mifuyu sports a grey outfit with white and pink segments.Her dress is composed of a white skirt encompassed by a grey coat and corset.Pink ribbon can be seen.Around her soul gem choker is a grey hoodie.The outlining of said dress features white wool.Separated sleeves of the same palette extend over black gloves.Mifuyu also wears black boots.Finally, grey, wool hair accessories can be seen.As Mifuyu is a college student, her normal outfit is not that of a school uniform.Instead, she wears a red sweater that reveals her shoulders and the straps of her tank top, black shorts, black tights, and various jewelry.During flashbacks, Mifuyu is seen wearing Mizuna Girls' school uniform.Her clothing is akin to Sana 's, where a purple uniform shirt and skirt are worn over a white long sleeve.A red ribbon is tied at the collar.She also wears dark purple stockings.As explained in the Magius' presentation, Yachiyo and Mifuyu were partners who worked alongside other girls such as Kanae.During a fairly difficult fight, Kanae's soul gem is left ruptured from a powerful attack.She ends up dying protecting Yachiyo.The duo then discover this, realizing what has become of their souls.Despite this, they continue to cooperate together.Soon, Tsuruno , Momoko , and Mel join.One day, Tsuruno stays at her family restaurant as the others go hunting.From her card readings, Mel predicts that "today will be lucky.The witch escapes.With no grief seeds left, the other girls can only watch as her witch emerges.Yachiyo, Mifuyu, and Momoko then learn the truth: magical girls become witches.This eventually results in the entire group splitting.After separating herself from the others, Mifuyu notes how her power is weakening evermore and gives up, accepting her fate as a witch.As she transforms, Mifuyu instead releases her doppel, causing multiple sugar geese to fly into the air.In the aftermath, she then realizes she's still alive.Touka then introduces herself to her, resulting in Mifuyu's cooperation with the Magius.The master of this emotion will use all powers at her disposal to stay alive in this reality, including this all-in-one Doppel.Countless bird-shaped minions known as "Sugar Geese" emerge from her shadows on the ground, attacking her foes on command.The mere touch of a Sugar Goose will cause its target to taste such sweetness that it will inspire a maddening addiction.This makes it easy to make targets accept most lies, even with just a few geese.The Doppel sprouts from the tongue and arms, so she cannot speak while using it.The Puella Magi Wiki Explore.Main Page Discuss All Pages Community Interactive Maps Recent Blog Posts.Madoka Magica.Characters Episodes.Witches Elsa Maria Kriemhild Gretchen Gisela H.Elly Kirsten Homulilly Izabel Itzli.The Universe.Locations Mitakihara Middle School Madoka's House Mitakihara City Kamihama City Kazamino City.Wikia rules.FANDOM Fan Central BETA Games Anime Movies TV Video.Explore Wikis Community Central.Don't have an account?


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