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Pokemon Black 2 English Rom Exp Patched 1

v1.2.0 - 20-02-2013- An update check has been added to the program which will check for new versions of the randomizer when you open it.* If you have the external config version correctly extracted, you will be able to update automatically and preserve things like your custom trainer classes and names.* If you have the internal config version you will be directed to the downloads page to update.* If the update check fails due to the site being down or a lack of an internet connection, the randomizer will still work fine.* You can also download a randomizer version with the update checks disabled, if you prefer.- You can now load & save quick settings files which will allow you to perform randomizations with set options. This is useful as it allows you to produce similar ROMs with different actual randomized results. A few sets of recommended settings are included with the randomizer in the settings directory. The included settings are as follows:* Balanced: Most things are randomized, but in a way that should lead to a reasonably balanced & fun playing experience. Trainers get Pokemon of similar strength, starters are limited to Pokemon with 2 clear evolutions, neither trainers nor wild Pokemon areas have legendaries, and legendary battles just have the Pokemon swapped to another legendary.* Classic: This creates an experience similar to what the idea of randomized Pokemon was when it was first created - starters and wild Pokemon are randomized. Added to these along the same lines are the randomization of Hidden Hollows (in Black/White 2) and static Pokemon. Trainers pokemon, moves and the like are left alone.* Trainers Only: Allows you to approach a "new" set of trainers with the rest of the game left unchanged. Trainers each have a type theme (which is kept consistent across Gyms if they're in one) and will use Pokemon of similar strength to the originals, avoiding legendaries entirely and Shedinjas at lower levels.* Randomizer Race: Produces settings which are recommended for randomized Pokemon races on Mostly everything is randomized unrestricted except the core Pokemon stats, abilities and types.* Super Randomizer Race: The same as above, except with all the core Pokemon traits also randomized. For the brave.- Foreign language versions of Generation 2, 3, and 5 games are now fully supported (except the Korean releases of Gold/Silver).- Randomization of Pokemon held items has been added up to a point. In every generation wild Pokemon have their held items randomized, and in Generations 2 & 3 the starters have random held items too. More held item randomization will be added in future releases, where it is possible to do so. Potentially, items on the ground could also be randomized in the future.- The randomization for HeartGold/SoulSilver fishing & surfing Pokemon has been fixed.- The "area" locations for Pokemon in the Pokedex of Black 2 / White 2 are now updated. Sadly, the Habitat List can not be updated due to technical restrictions. The "area" data may still be broken in other games - this will be checked & fixed in the near future.- Generation 2 games now have the text displayed when TMs are received from an NPC updated.- Generation 2 games have better trainer name randomization - many more names can be picked for each trainer than was previously allowed.- Generation 2 games now have the Pokemon catchable in the Bug Catching Contest randomized.- A bug concerning corrupted trainer names when the trainer names text file contains strange characters has been fixed.- Support for randomizing Generation 3 ROM hacks (hacks of Ruby, Emerald or Fire Red) should now be improved. However, I cannot say if a specific ROM hack will work now - you still have to try them for yourself. Hacks that make large scale changes to events, trainers or expand the number of Pokemon available are still very unlikely to work properly.- Extensions should now be added properly to short saved filenames (less than 5 characters).- The Pokemon that the professor shows you in Generation 1, 2 and 3 games (except Yellow) in the intro is now randomized, as a reminder that you are playing a randomized game. Do note that there is a small chance the original Pokemon could be chosen - this isn't a bug if it happens!- FireRed/LeafGreen are now patched to allow evolutions of Johto or Hoenn pokemon even if you do not use the "Give National Dex at start" option. This is in preparation for the removal or improvement of said option in the future, as it does not work very well right now.- DS hacks which have strange header data in their NARC files (such as Blaze Black 2 / Volt White 2) should no longer bug out the randomizer or refuse to load entirely. They are still not officially supported, however, and will probably not work well yet.- An obscure bug relating to TM item updating in the Generation 4 DS games has been fixed.- The text when the rival recieves his (randomized) starter in Fire Red / Leaf Green is now updated.- Pokemon that have more than 4 level 1 moves will now still be guaranteed to have a damaging move in their starting set.

Pokemon Black 2 English Rom Exp Patched 1


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