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But don’t take our word for it.


George Bosson,

Executive Level Lighting Professional

For the last 30 years I have held executive posts in the Architectural Lighting Industry, including founding a successful, innovative company, a.light Architectural Lighting.


5 years ago I began reading about light’s effect on health and well-being, including attending the Light and Health Institute at the Lighting Research Center at RPI. I was convinced that the research that was emerging and the advent of solid-state would usher in a new era in lighting. Since then IoT and Light for Health have become “The Topics” of discourse in our industry.


There is much confusion around the Light and Health issue and recently an initiative has been launched to help clear up “the fog”.


I recently joined the Light Vitality Group founded by the Lighting Designer Regina Lausell.


Regina’s brilliance, knowledge base, and energy are fueling a gathering of professionals from different disciplines to work together to inform consumers, lighting designers, architects, lighting manufacturers, facilities people and health professionals about the benefits of attending to circadian health and light’s important contribution to our well-being.


Please join me in supporting Regina’s work and the work of the Light Vitality Group by participating in this noteworthy endeavor.


Ralph Todaro,

Restaurant Owner

Last year I hired Light Vitality Group to design a lighting system for my restaurant in Norwalk, CT  that was undergoing a complete renovation.  Regina Lausell explained to me about the latest in light architecture that not only looks good, but provides for a healthier environment for both customers and employees. She designed an awesome system and drew the design so that the contractor knew exact placement of fixtures and hanging lights.  She also assisted the lighting software manufacturer in setting the perfect tones for

the lights to be used during the day and at night.  I was thoroughly pleased with her professional manner and very pleased with the end result.  I would recommend them to anyone needing a light designer to contact Light Vitality Group.


Stacey Haight,

Community Member

Before the group and just scratching the surface of my awareness and light knowledge I was waking two to three times a night anxious. I would get up with the dog at 6 am and fall back asleep on the couch until 8. (During the last 12 weeks of Covid that is). I would have two cups of coffee before 10 am. And another around 2-3 to ‘boost me’ and get me through to dinner time. I was sad a lot, tired all the time, irritable with my kids and constantly worried I wasn’t doing anything right. 

Then I tried this. The first few days not much changes noted. Then day 5 I added another stressor, which I thought would break the ‘bank’ so to speak. But with following through I felt very different Friday morning than Thursday. I was calm. I slept all night. I didn’t ‘need’ a coffee at 3pm. I was calmer with the kids that day. Having the weekend to recharge with friends but still keep the light mindset in the back of my mind I ended up with three solid nights 8-9 hours in a row.


Today,  I was more alert at work (well from my office at home) and didn’t have a coffee at 3, but instead took the dog for a walk to get the mail. After three 45 minute meetings I finished the day on top feeling accomplished, intelligent (all the words made sense and I didn’t repeat myself twice)! 

On days I cannot get out due to schedules or the kids need lights on in their rooms I would love a transition lamp to move the outside in. Just so we can keep the momentum going. 

Happy to jump in and see where all this light takes me. Thank you ladies! 


Rachael Maldonado,

Community Member

Being a part of LVG's Light Wellness Study has opened my eyes to the importance of light specifically linked to wellness. In one short week I learned so much about how my habits related to light have a direct and sometimes negative effect on factors such as sleep and energy levels. Not only did I discover areas I could improve upon, but LVG gave me the information needed to best optimize my light intake in order to improve my overall wellness. I am so thankful for the opportunity to take part in this study and cannot wait until there are tools available on the market to bring the benefits of natural light inside the home. 


Rachel Kaplan, DO 

Community Member

As a physician, I love a good science experiment.  When Valerie implored us to try getting a little sunshine each day I was excited!  Our goals were to see if we were feeling better with more energy and sleeping well.  With a busy lifestyle, it is hard to carve out time during the day for yourself.  This week I found myself making a conscious effort to sit near a window with light, and taking a proper break. By the end of the week I stopped drinking my afternoon coffee, and replacing it with my “sunshine time.”   It’s been a fun week and a great learning experience!  It has helped me take some time for myself.  I feel great and will use this practice in the future. 


Valerie Faul,

Community Member

As an occupational therapist, I thought I was pretty well versed in health. Working with Regina the past few weeks, though, has blown my mind! It has brought my knowledge to a whole other level that not only will I be utilizing in the recovery of my patients, but that I have also began using for myself and with my kids!  


Regina is truly an expert in this field and since following her recommendations, I have noticed a significant increase in my energy level with less need for caffeine during the day and my moods have been so much more positive, less irritable, and just happier over all!  Also, while I know the adjustment of light has definitely helped with my sleep, which has affected all of the above, the fact that my KIDS are sleeping through the night now and not waking me up 2-3 times a night definitely has had me appreciating her even more!


I remember walking by a mood lighting system and thought it was interesting and looked at the price and just kept on walking! Now, learning of an affordable, reliable lighting option with the proper lighting exposure ... on top of ... now having the understanding of the necessity of light to have these physiological responses and to produce such a positive impact on my life and my family’s life.... I’M IN ... sign me up!!!


Rachael Stephenson,

Community Member

I recently participated in a "Light Wellness" focus group developed by Light Vitality Group. After a week of becoming more aware of my own wellness routines in relation to light it was truly enlightening. To learn about the direct impact that light has on our mindset and wellness and in just about every area of life seems like a no-brainer, however, I must admit it is an area of wellness I hadn't thought of in this way before. 


Gina and Valarie broke light wellness down in a way that was thoughtful and impactful. What's great is that unlike so many "wellness" themes that are costly LVG provided insight on natural simple steps to improve our daily light intake, say for example going outside. But what about the other huge percentage of our lives that we spend indoors? I would most definitely be interested in investing in efficient and accessible lighting solutions for my personal home. Without the prior knowledge or access to such products I have settled for the basic low quality light bulbs that so many of us use today. 


If you want to improve your quality of life I highly suggest checking out LVG and their message. 

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